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i was just listening to a favorite show of mine, The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 in NYC, and on the topic of Lance Armstrong, Charlamagne asked Swizz Beatz what he thought about the situation.

Swizz was asked in the context of philanthropy because both have done a lot for the community. Swizz responded by saying, "It doesn't matter because of the [way] of the world right now, your negatives will outdo your positives because there are so many people hurting out there and they will heal themselves off of your downfall".

i had to pause at that point, basically as soon as he said those words a chord was struck in me and i instantly switched to writing this blog.

how many times have YOU had to overcome something negative or even a personal demon when in the back of your mind there is so much good that you have done? i mean you would think that your good would outweigh your bad. i know that i have personally done a lot of SHIT to people and i have been a total jerk to people in the past, present, and i know i will in the future, HOWEVER there is a lot that i want to do for people. there is a lot that everyone can do for each other despite the negative.

we ALL have dumped on someone at some time or another and more than likely we will continue, unless we make an effort not too. it can be difficult though because we get caught up in our own problems sometimes and forget that, "Hey, i live in a world with other people than myself...maybe i should act like i know this".

i hope that you reflect on how you treat people as well as on the good that you put out. ultimately it is between you and your God how the end will result. i know that for is a battle to overcome personal ills but i keep pushing forward. we are not perfect, I am not perfect-i don't even pretend to be.

we are works in progress. i know that by the power given to me i am a creator and with this power cones responsibility to not only the craft of photography and other art forms but also in developing an atmosphere of positivity.

it is not easy turning the other way after you have been crossed or felt crossed. i know from personal experience. however, it is good to move forward in a way that will be beneficial and healing not only for you but for the people that you care about. negative energy festers and can spread to people who were not even intended to be a part of the target for such energy.

lastly, stay encouraged because the world...we are in a bad space right now with everything happening in the world, so it is important to have people around you encouraging you and for YOU to be encouraged in spite and despite everything going on.

no spell check or review....just put it out as it came straight from the heart.


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