Monday, January 14, 2013

some walk and some STOMP on fashion...

had to post these pictures.

two of my favorites from an on going fashion collab with Mrs. Banks. style and substance from the NO.

other than that i am finally piecing together a new film. man, i tell you, working writing, thinking, all takes time. no joke. however, there is no excuse worthy of stopping.

Stay Encouraged!

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  1. LOL N.O. representa.... But seriously love love love this shoot. The hubby and all his friends did too (lol he's so proud he goes and around and shows all his coworkers--smh they really think I'm a top model somewhere pure comedy). In other news can't wait for the final product of the film, after seeing a few of your other short films I'm anxiously awaiting the moment of your big premier on the big screen (just putting it into the air for the future) :) Enjoy