Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a brunch in Harlem...

...if i were a multimillionaire i would own a loft in lower Manhattan. and just hang with the urban art eclectics...

i love the energy of the city. the muscling through the streets. the smug looks. the overt confidence of its citizens. the stench in the summer i could do without. i mean i'm not sure about what it would be like to raise a child there. i am sure, however, that for what i want to do in art...the possibilities..

but i digress because as an artist i have, the blessing, of being able to create no matter where i am. i just like the energy of the city.

which leads me to the pictures...brunch (good food) and live jazz. both of which i am a huge fan of.

side note- i really like the song "We Are Young" by Fun. it grabs the listener. listening to it (through headphones) as i type this and hold my son (feeding him too-ultimate multi-tasker), trying to get him to sleep.


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