Sunday, February 17, 2013

great dates...2013


this weekend i had the pleasure and opportunity to be commissioned by a friend to film her first annual business event. more specifically Great Date Deals Valentine event. let's just say that it was very chill and the keyboardist, drummer and vocal performers were MONSTERS!!!! music is the other side of my brain so i could really appreciate the performers and the crowd did as well. i didn't have a chance to sample the food at Organix, the venue that hosted the event, but i could tell by the number of people who went back for seconds, that the food had to be good.

i have only included a few pictures because i was commissioned for film and didn't really lay in on the photography, just a couple of captions. stay tuned for the final film as i know that it will spark your interest in Great Date Deals.

Stay Encouraged!


  1. Thanks Jason, really appreciate you being there to capture a major milestone!

  2. No doubt. The film will tell the full story. It was a pleasure to do it. Cheers!