Monday, February 4, 2013

the hotel experience (

my little cub is laying on the bed...he's coolin. *smiles*

....NYC Harlem...

you know, traveling is something that i take seriously. i don't take it for granted. being fortunate enough to travel and experience different places is one of the more important things in life, to me. i mean i have been to various countries, to include living abroad, and the one thing that i value more than material things is the ability to jet set.

don't get me wrong i am not spending awesome amounts (i will spend a prince's amount but not king) of money on destinations...hold on i have to qualify budget allows me the ability to spend a reasonable sum on the places i travel to and stay at because i don't spend money frivolously on things i don't need to impress people i don't know (preach!). i think that staying at a nice place, while traveling, is more important than wearing the hottest trends on my back. so when it comes to staying in nice hotels, off the beaten path, i am more than pleased with the accommodations afforded to me.

W Hotels, Starwood, have done a tremendous job at catering to my fancy. i mean i am not paid by them or anything (hoping to, it wouldn't hurt :) ) but i really did enjoy the ambiance of the Aloft Hotel in Harlem.

so as usual i have included some pics. more than the usual because i really had a great time taking photos of the place. the management was warm, they spotted my professional camera from a mile away ha! and just the feel of the place ensured that i will continue to stay at the hotel every time i go to NYC and any other city/country that has an Aloft for that matter.


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  1. And if you need a romantic hotel suggestion, I would consider the Tribeca hotel.