Sunday, March 3, 2013

2013 all the way...B.O.B

still going hard...

there is an interesting back story to these pictures and to this entire shoot. i was able to capitalize off of asking a simple question back in 2009..."can I shoot for you?". i asked this question to the editor, via cold contact through email, of Dub Magazine and he responded with a resounding "YES!". i just emailed him, very simple-i also included some sample work. the Dub Show was in town and i wanted to shoot the event for them. i was pretty new to photography, on a professional level, however i knew that building a name for myself by establishing a relationship with a trusted global brand would help my credibility. i was given two all access passes to the Dub Car Show, value $1,000, and i shot for them. wouldn't you know it, while i was shooting a got a phone call from the editor that they needed a car shot for the magazine, a feature, and they wanted to know if i would shoot that as well...

from that relationship i got a call recently, from the same exec out of nowhere-oh yeh i did get published back in 2010 after not even being in the game that long..about 6mths..(God is GREAT), asking me to shoot some covers for their upcoming issues. i was even asked to shoot a couple of editorial spreads.

relationships...i value them. i am not going to lie, though. i have dropped the ball before. it is something i am not proud of but i am learning from. people want to know that they can trust you. if they have seen your work they already know what you are capable of BUT they want to know that THEY can trust you.

this shoot was not like any shoot that i have ever done. first of all working with celebrities can be tricky because they have a lot of demands on their time, which means that unless you are someone trying to give them money or greatly enhance their career, they have to weed you out. i had an in though. Dub. i didn't have a lot of time though. i was very fortunate to have a brilliant assistant as well, Troy dot S, a musically gifted, entrepreneurial dude in his own right. with his help, and by his suggestion, we were able to capture the images seen in the current issue of Dub Magazine, from the roof-top parking deck of a..."special place" in Atlanta.

we only had about 15 minutes to work, we did prep before B.O.B got there though. but the pressure was AMAZING!!! i loved every minute of being forced to capture a COVER for Global Brand in such a short period of time. talk about rising to the occasion. both Troy and i were exhilarated by the rush.

anyway, i just wanted to share this with you because honestly, i would have NEVER thought that, early on, i would be so fortunate as to have established a relationship that would allow me create a piece of work, any kind of work, that will go down in history on such a large scale. magazines have people clamoring to have their work published so to get a call 3 years after an initial meeting because of the level of professionalism i was blessed to have shown...PRICELESS. #sewtheseed

Stay Encouraged!!!


  1. Congrats for being bold enough to go get and receive all the greatnesss that u have been called to achieve; its refreshingly motivating in the purest since.________No ceilings!

  2. Uh, oh! right on for the big ups!!! i really appreciate it. it's not always easy but it's always worth it, goals.

  3. Awesome article, definately encouraging! ... leap of faith!