Tuesday, March 5, 2013

started from the bottom but NOT here YET...


everyone begins their path in life from one point or another. by this i mean, some people are blessed to have been raised in an affluent home, community, etc. these people may have also had the nurturing needed to propel them to even higher socio-economic statuses. some people, though not raised in an affluent community or home, were raised with enough positive people around them to overcome the lack in economic resources. others, may have not had either of these upbringings OR they could have very well had a mixture of both. still others have come from even more desperate of circumstances. i came from a mix of desperation and few positive influences. thankful for my lot, though.

getting to the point. the reason why i am even discussing this is because sometimes when looking ahead in terms of fulfilling goals and dreams we MUST look at the road we were forced to walk down. no matter if the situations were pleasant or more tumultuous. we look back, some of us, and reflect on how we were able to make it. some are religious/spiritual or whatever but i will tell you that coming from a challenging walk seems to have a greater impact on those who finally succeed, by worldly standards.

there are countless examples of celebrities who are looked upon because of their ability to overcome the "odds". i am not sure if some actually believe how difficult it is to overcome familial wounds, poverty, fear, failure, insecurity, loneliness, alienation, homeless, etc. only to reach it to the TOP.

whatever the TOP is for you i hope that you do not get sidetracked, frustrated, discouraged, or loose hope that you will one day make your goals and live your dreams.

i haven't made it to where i want to be in life just yet, i don't really think i ever will because for me it is not a place but a feeling that has to do with fulfilling my purpose and being called "home" once it is complete. the pictures shown here are meant not for aggrandizement but to show you that IT CAN happen. i never thought i would be published after only picking up a camera, professionally in late 2009, after only 6 months. but there i was...first magazine, Dub's Jan/Feb 2010 issue...and my focuses are weddings and events.

this link is to the high school i graduated from. the incident in the news transpired just a couple of years before i started at the school. many of the people i started with are...you know the story-dead, in jail, not doing much, 3-4 deep with children who the government is responsible for helping take care of, etc. trust me, this is not to fault them AT ALL it is only to bring light to how fortunate some of us are, the ones who realize that their lot in life could have been much different. those homeless people you see (i'm guilt of this too) and shake your head at because you wonder, "what in the world did they do to get them their?", it could have easily been YOU.

remain thankful even when it's hard, remain humble even when you KNOW that you are great, remain focused when it is turbulent around you, remain hungry even when there is food on the table, remain dedicated to your craft when you have attained the pinnacle, and plant the seed that will outlive you.

hear these words Jason Michael Lamar Rene!

Stay Encouraged!

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