Thursday, March 28, 2013

the Chris & Joi experience 2013

discussing my "ninja" style photography...

doesn't she look radiant??? :0) Chris was VERY pleased.

they lingered for a while...i didn't know if they were going to ever stop...hopefully they never will... ;0)

the vows and the way that the Minister responded with jokes...had the ENTIRE church jumping, and yes it was PACKED!!

side note that's me in the mirror...gotta love the cameo...

it is always awesome to be a part of a wedding...especially when the bride and groom get COMPLETELY comfortable with me...this picture was caught right as the bride told me secret about her special day. ;0) i will never tell. ha!

look who it is! Mr. & Mrs. Shorty and Oski-Whoa-ski!!!

how about Alabama is going to become my second home...

let's just say that Chris and Joi's wedding took on an epic magnitude! from the church, to the band performing at the reception, to the cake and the slew of guests. the wedding was HIGH CLASS.

you see don't you?

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Stay Encouraged!

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