Sunday, March 24, 2013

the lil cub...


it's actually very humbling, everyday, to think about the fact that i am a's really amazing. i mean waking up in the morning at 4am-5amish to his wimpers have become a part of my everyday routine. not saying i like waking up around those times but there is a bittersweetness to it.

i am the only male of 4 children and to think that i have been so fortunate to have a male first child...HE must want me to raise a man. it's in the cards.

i like spending time with him, taking him to the bookstore (second home), toy store, kids clothing store, grocery store...he's my little side-kick. :0)

i dress him way better than i dress myself. mostly because i don't put a lot of stock in clothes for myself BUT i want him to be fly, dipped in butter, laid, fresh, sharp, iced out, smooth, handsome, dapper, and always picture ready. :0) i never got into clothes for myself. i still try every now and again. when i was younger i didn't have the resources to put toward clothing and even today my style has been lucky for him his mom is very stylish and his dad has a decent amount of money to spend on him. i have an eye for baby clothes too, though. :0)

teaching him about credit scores and saving money is next on the agenda. when he is old enough to understand that money buys "things" then he will also learn of his bank account. i actually enjoy putting money in his account more than i do saving for myself. aaahhh fatherhood. :0)

well anyway, i will be posting more pictures from Chris & Joi's wedding in a day or so...took so many rockstar-esque pictures that it's a monster to decide which ones to post. i just wanted to check-in with you to let you know that i appreciate your stopping by.


Stay Encouraged!

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