Monday, April 8, 2013

The lil homies 2013....

Southern Point!!

been sitting on these pictures for a minute but i finally KNEW that i needed to post them. it was a really great shoot that made it difficult for me to choose the final pics. hopefully, i got it right though.

shortly before shooting these cool youngsters i had already made my mind up that i would be transitioning into my new style. as much as i love jeans and t-shirts, i knew that it was time to switch it up a little. my style has died hard though...been a jean and t-shirt person for more than 10 years...

anyway, looking at these little dudes outfits as well as my son's outfits...i have been inspired to switch my style up a little. i'll post a few pics soon-not that it is that big of a deal but the transition is something interesting to me. since this is like a online journal i guess it is only fitting to share.

now to continue the task of finalizing Chris & Joi's 2013 wedding is going to be C.RA.Z.Y!


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