Monday, September 23, 2013

i stay down from day one......Alabama Weddings

some time it has been...

wow, my son is about to turn ONE and it has been one significant, important, milestone setting, ride! raising a child is certainly NO easy task and it has been very rewarding and time consuming.

i have been shooting even though i haven't been posting (blogging takes WORK). cheers to everyone who has checked on this page over the past two months. i will be more diligent in my posting activities, especially since i am blessed to stay with projects on the horizon. #money4Phoenix

this was certainly a fun wedding to capture and despite the LOOOONG short drive to Alabama (with the same type of drive coming back home to the "A" immediately after shooting) it was certainly a blessing to be a part of another couple's/family's history.

never any particular kind of order....sometimes it can be a treat to look at them out of order. eh.