Sunday, February 23, 2014

2014 off and running...Crystal and Omar!!!!!!!!!!

February 21, 2014...

Congratulations Crystal and Omar!

the first "Turnt Up" wedding of the year! from the moment the brides got in the BUILDING they were getting things popping! The Maid of Honor had no problem in ensuring that the adult beverages were flowing and that the mood was on one zillion MEGA-WATTS.

i won't say too much more but just know that the energy in the photos does little justice to the actual vibe of free flowing emotions and the bubbly personalities of all who attended.

by the way these are purposely in no particular order until you get to the end....i like to skip around sometimes.


nuff said!!!


  1. You knocked it out the park. You captured a wedding he way its suppose to be captured. Everyone enjoying the day. That's how you shoot a wedding. I aspired to do as well. Awesome Mr. Rene.

  2. Right on big bro! I appreciate the look.