Thursday, February 13, 2014

new year, new soon to be parents....


it's been a while. life happens that way sometimes though. it hasn't been easy but i will say with multiple assignments, many of which i couldn't post on my blog, and just living life as a husband, father, and a creative has been interesting to say the least.

my craft allows me to create and build my artistic legacy but it's something about playing with my son...and learning patience when he bumps his head or refuses to come to me when i call him, 17mths old-with my rebellious attitude, that really draws out who i am as a person. well at least it establishes how i relate to him and how i build our relationship at such a critical point in his early development. my wife, a great mother she is, is smarter and to some degree wiser than me so she basically puts up with my antics. but my is an interesting endeavor to establish and maintain that father son bond. it's truly an amazing, complicated, frustrating, glorious, painstaking, worthy task and honor.

however, as Dave Chappelle would say, "my names, uh, uh BlackFeet, but enough about me let's talk about you i thought you was dead!"

in the mean time i will leave you with a few pics of new parents to be for this coming spring 2014.  i hope you like the work we created.


Special shout out to Nikki Dahlin for allowing us to use her space!!!

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